Let it Go! Donate the Things You Don’t Need

You may remember that the other day I went to the consignment store to pick up bags of clothes I had tried to sell before they went out of business.  I wasn’t too sure where they end up so I picked them up so I could donate them myself of sell them elsewhere.  Well, I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. I had to pick those clothes up for a reason. While I fully intended to sell those somewhere else, I saw a Facebook post in my newsfeed from a woman who lives in the next town over.

She was asking for help. Last week, her home burned down and her husband, pets, and belongings were still inside. There’s so much loss in the world, and it broke my heart. While I can’t even wrap my head around how horrific it would be for one day to come home to your life completely taken away, I noticed she had included a specific request for maternity clothes. This poor woman is dealing with this unthinkable tragedy – pregnant.

Think, Pray, Donate

We hear about tragedies every day lately. Some weeks it seems like there isn’t just one, but one dozen completely shocking events in the news. I don’t stop the way I should to truly process them anymore. I’m essentially desensitized.

In some ways, it would be paralyzing to really listen and feel the pain of people around us who are victims of tragedy, abuse, bullying, and other horrors that we hear about every day on social media and in the news. Occasionally, there isn’t much you can do and in that case thoughts and prayers make sense. When you have the power to do more though – you MUST do more. So many people offer their best wishes, or condolences, when they have real power to roll up their sleeves and get some damn work done. In this unique situation, I was that person – and I rolled up my sleeves.

Maternity clothes currently live in my attic. Luckily, we wear the same size and I my daughter was a spring baby.  I had a bunch of winter sweaters and pants that could be worn right now. I drove them over to a location that was posted and her friend sent me a message later that she dropped them off that night. There were nearly a hundred messages from women looking to see where they could donate items for her and the baby girl she’s carrying.

Helping doesn’t have to cost money

I respect her for being brave enough to ask for help. Often help is out there and there is nothing that will force you to get out of bed and move forward like a child needing you.

Helping other people feels good.  As I work my way through the year trying to declutter I know I can help others in the process. The suits I don’t wear can be donated so someone else can walk into a job interview with confidence.

The baby toys and high chairs in my garage could go to a family in need, or make a child happy. Everything that is sitting around collecting dust made me happy at one point.  Time to get that happiness back out in circulation.

What do you do with your things? Have you got a pile of old toys or clothes that have been ready to let go of for some time? What are your favorite places to donate or volunteer? Comment below! 


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