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Hi, I’m Misty Lynch.

I work with the media and alongside brands to offer
money mindset skills and financial literacy. Together,
let’s help people become more financially-savvy and
confident in their lives.

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More people break up or get divorced over money than anything else. In this new reality series, we’ll explore the effect money has on relationships and what can be done about it. We’ll meet couples who have one thing in common: money problems. Our financial expert Misty Lynch, CFP® will coach them through a game plan to try and help. Will they be able to change their money ways? Or will this be the end?

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“Money is a major source of stress for many people and I’m here to offer
support and financial education to help them thrive at home and at work.”

- Misty Lynch, CFP® and Financial Empowerment Speaker / Expert


I'm Misty Lynch - Certified Financial Planner®,
and host of the Demystifying Money podcast. Join me and my expert
guests each week for unforgettable conversations about money,
success and business. In every episode we share small steps
you can take right now to elevate your wealth.

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Demystifying Money

Permanently reprogram your money mindset
to achieve the wealth and success you deserve.

For too long, money and personal finances have been taboo subjects. Knowing who to turn to for help can be confusing, paralyzing, and often unattainable. Demystifying Money breaks down those barriers and illustrates how and why improving your relationship with money can transform your life and your future. Learning how to manage your finances in a way that feels right to you may mean unlearning old thoughts and behaviors that have been handed down generation to generation.


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