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Money can be a huge source of stress for employees.

Employees also turn to their employer for financial advice, resources, raises, benefits, and education. Allow me to support you and your workforce.

“When left unaddressed, financial stress lowers productivity and can cause workers to delay retirement, which can lead to higher compensation, benefit, and talent acquisition costs for employers.”

     ━ John Hancock, 2023 Survey Results.

I offer workshops, seminars, and content to organizations, professional groups, and small to large-sized businesses to help your people bridge the gap between where they're standing and financial empowerment.

My most popular workshop topics are listed below. I also like to tailor my presentation to suit the audience, so I may have a different topic I recommend for your crowd.

“I met Misty at the Altruist Miami Congerence and I wanted to say thanks for the tips, process, and connecting me with reporters and journalists. It paid off for me - I had my first feature at Yahoo Finance article. Appreciate you!”

     ━ Lena Armuth, Wealth Management and Financial Planning Professional | Candidate for the CFP® Certification

“We had the absolute pleasure of having Misty speak at Altruist Academy on Revitalizing Your Marketing Strategy and it was an absolute stand out session at the event. Her ability to captivate our audience with engaging storytelling and provide valuable insights left a lasting impression. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees who specifically called out the actionable takeaways that Mistry provided throughout the session. We would highly recommend Misty for any event.”

“Misty participated in a panel discussion on Intentional Growth at our annual user conference and brought unparalleled energy and inspiration. Her ability to connect with the audience personally made the message resonate deeply. This was one of our highest-rated sessions at the event due to the engaging and informative insights that were provided. We are grateful for her participation in the panel discussion and will welcome her for future speaking engagements.”

     ━ Kaitlyn Stephens, Senior Event Marketing Manager, Altruist

Positive Outcomes of Financially Empowering Your People:

Fewer sick days for companies

Decreased stress

Increased morale and engagement with your company or organization

Increased productivity

*Source: John Hancock, 2023 Survey Results.

Professional Bio

Misty Lynch, CFP® is a personal finance expert and the Owner and CEO of Sound View Financial Advisors, LLC. Misty hosts the unscripted reality show HEARTBROKE and the Demystifying Money podcast. She is also the author of the DEMYSTIFYING MONEY book and a personal finance expert and resource for media outlets including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, CNBC, CNN, Investopedia, Real Simple, Student Loan Hero, and many others.

Investopedia named her one of the Top 100 Financial Advisors in 2021 and US News and World Report called her one of the 9 Women in Finance to Follow "because sometimes you need life advice, not just financial advice."

When she isn't working, you can find her reading mysteries, skiing on the East Coast, or coaching her kids' basketball and field hockey teams.

Visit her business website at

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