Week One – Resolution Success!

I’ve done a great job sticking to my New Year’s resolution and did not shop at all this week.

It didn’t even cross my mind.

Ok, full disclosure I didn’t do much of anything thanks to something called bombogenesis that I didn’t know existed until now.  This picture is the street my office is located on – usually there are no icebergs.

It was also the coldest day in 100 years yesterday, so the thought of going outside to do anything not necessary for the survival of myself and my family was pretty much out of the question. This might have put a damper on other people’s New Year’s resolutions.

I still like my resolution

Shout out to the people celebrating “Dryuary” because there is no situation more deserving of a glass of wine than not one…but TWO snow days from school right after a week-long Christmas break.

My heart also goes out to the people who planned to start a gym routine or a run challenge around here. All of these things are far more pleasant when the air doesn’t hurt your face. If you are training for the Boston Marathon right now (>100 days to go!) I salute you. Long runs on the treadmill brought tears to my eyes back in 2016. But for those of us who’s resolutions didn’t involve giving up comfort food, or getting in shape – it has been a bit easier to get started.

I did leave the house at one point to get clothes.

One of the consignment shops that I used to frequent shut down abruptly and there was a bag of my clothes that had not been added to inventory yet that I was able to pick up. Also, I had 2 items that were somewhere on the racks that I could take home with me if I could find them. I figured there may be a thing or two in those bags that I may need in my life, so I made my way to Foxboro and picked them up.

This was somewhat inconvenient, but I have no idea what they are doing with the items that are left behind.  I don’t really trust they would go to a good place. Finding the items that were on the floor felt like shopping in a way. I had a few details and could match the item number to the piece of paper they handed me.

Eventually, after sifting through lots of things I found the pair of new Limited pants and a new black Banana Republic romper.  This is adorable, but I had nowhere to wear it to and it sat in my closet all summer. I also realize that I buy a lot of things that I already have for no reason.

Add that to the Santa-sized sack of clothes and my wardrobe grew this week. Now I just need to find a new place to sell some of these items. Anyone have luck with online consignment? Would love to hear what you do with your unwanted clothes!


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