The Ultimate Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  This post will help you find the perfect gift.  Sometimes shopping for Dad can be tough.  Some guys don’t ask for much or when they want something they just go buy it before you can.  Fear not, this list covers some creative gifts that he might not expect but he is sure to love.  Best part is, you don’t need a lot of money.  I’ve labeled them from free to $$$$+ (each $=25).

Father’s Day 101: Define your Dad

Last month, I asked Moms what they really wanted for Mother’s Day.  There were a lot of different answers so I reached out to some dads for help this time.   Based on the responses, it seems that Father’s Day is their chance to play.  So I believe the key to a successful Father’s Day is figuring out what Dad liked to do when he was a kid and have a little fun with it!

Father’s Day: Sports Fan

My husband loves sports and has since he was a kid.  My kids are not that athletic (yet) so playing football in the yard will only lead to frustration.  However, it is not our day – it’s his!!  So in order to make his day special we are doing my first gift on the list.  I have included some others for the sports fan in your life too.

  1. VHS to DVD ($$) We found some VHS tapes of his High School football games and are going to put them on DVD.  Now we can watch Wethersfield High beat Conard whenever we want!  I may even try to put some Glory Days music in the background. Try the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Video Converter for PC to do this at home or try a local place.
  2. Take him to a game ($-$$$$) If he loves sports buying him tickets is a great idea.  Depending on your team and where you live the price can vary.  Even if the game is weeks or months away it is always a treat to have a game on the calendar.
  3. Buy him a jersey ($-$$$$) Does Dad have a favorite player?  Buy him a jersey or t-shirt this year!  If you aren’t sure who his favorite athlete is now try to find out who he loved as a kid.  If you can get your hands on that he will be sure to like it!   It’s easy to find one online but if they are too expensive make him one with these Avery T-Shirt Transfers.
  4. Game on! (Free – $) Put your cell phones down kids and set up the back yard or head to the park for a field day with Dad. Play whatever sport he loves and see if he can still teach you a thing or two.  If you don’t have what you need in the garage see what you can borrow.  If not, this Soccer Ball is less than $15 and he can keep it for the next time you decide to play!

Father’s Day: The Great Outdoors

Does he mention how when he was a kid he would play outside all day until it got dark?  Is he disgusted that kids prefer to watch other kids play with toys on YouTube than actually play?  If this sounds like the dad you are shopping for there are some great options.

  1. Go for a hike/fishing (Free – $) If you have busy schedules it might be nice to unwind and go fishing or on a hike as a family.  Take a break from your phones/work/life and just hang out together.  Here is a list of some of the best hikes in every state to get you started.
  2. Do his “to-do” list (Free – $$) Does dad spend the weekend mowing the lawn, gardening, washing the cars or the dog?  Give him a break and take care of these for him!  Not up for the challenge?  You can leave it to a professional.  Getting a car detailed is especially nice if he is on the road a lot.
  3. Take a load off ($-$$$) Dad could probably use a nap.  If he needs some peace and quiet you can give him the whole day off.  You can’t go wrong with a Double Hammock or if you don’t have the right trees Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand works too!
  4. Upgrade his equipment ($-$$$$) Does Dad like to browse Lowe’s or Home Depot?  He might have his eye on some tools that would make his projects easier and more fun.  Giving him a gift card may seem uninspired but a Lowe’s $50 Gift Card might be exactly what he wants!

Father’s Day: Your Greatest Showman

The great thing about music or movies is that they can transport you back to another time.  A friend sent me a message out of the blue yesterday because she heard a song we played non stop in 6th grade.  Took me back immediately!!  These are some thoughtful gifts for dads (and granddads) that should make their hearts sing!

  1. Make him a playlist (Free -$) A mix tape was the way to show someone you cared back in the 80’s. Kids these days don’t have to sit by the boom box and wait for the song to hit record ((shakes fist)) but it still is a thoughtful gift.  Tech savvy?  Start a station on Spotify and share it with Dad with some of his favorite songs!
  2. Live Music ($-$$$$) Going to hear some live music is always fun – especially if Dad is a music lover.  You can look for some local talent or get tickets for a concert this Summer.  There are a lot of options and if you do a little research you might find your new favorite band.
  3. Watch a movie together ($-$$) Watching a movie with Dad can be a lot of fun.  A lot of movies come out in the Summer or you can rent/buy one of his favorites and pop some popcorn together.  Have a little extra to spend – check out if there is a “lux” level at a theater near you for an upgraded experience.
  4. Music Lessons ($$-$$$) Learning something new never gets old.  If dad has always wished he could play guitar why not help him pick up a new hobby?  If he is already a musician see if there is any gear he might like or a grab a gift card to his favorite shop.

Father’s Day: Gamer

When I was a kid we would play King’s Quest with my Dad when he finished work.  I’m lucky because in the 80’s computers were considered “boy toys” ((eye roll)).  Games are FUN and if your dad likes them they make great gifts

  1. Video Games ($$-$$$$) If Dad likes to unwind by playing video games you can go for it and splurge on a Nintendo Switch which one Dad specifically mentioned in my survey.  Can’t go wrong there.
  2. Board Games ($-$$) There are some really fun board games out there lately.  If you used to play or Risk or Scrabble with your Dad or Grandpa you can find them again.  If you are my age you could also pick up The Oregon Trail Card Game and show Dad what it is like to die of dysentery.
  3. Scavenger Hunt (Free-$) If Dad loves adventure you can create a scavenger hunt with some little prizes.  This can be coupons or pictures or anything small like his favorite candy if you are low on funds.  Hopefully he will be happy if you put some thought into it and make it fun.

Father’s Day: Fashion Forward

Keep Dad looking fresh to death this Summer!  If he loves looking good there are some great deals around Father’s Day.  Small details and accessories can go a long way in men’s fashion.  Here are some ideas he may love.

  1. Accessorize Me ($-$$) I’ve noticed a trend at work where some men are wearing stylish Socks.  Also, ties might not be required in every office but there is something about a nice one that makes a man look great. There is always some occasion that calls for one and outdated ties are a fashion no-no.
  2. Woody, Spicy, or Clean ($$-$$$$) If Dad has a signature scent buying him his favorite cologne is a great gift.  If you aren’t sure what he might like you can get a sampler at Sephora and he can get a full size of his favorite once he tries a few.
  3. Summer Sunglasses ($-$$$$) Nice sunglasses are perfect for summer.  You can choose a traditional look with Wayfarers or something trendy depending on his style.  I’m fairly certain everyone looks good in a pair of RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses.  You can get a less expensive version like these for $16 Classic Aviator Sunglasses if he tends to lose them.

Father’s Day:  Foodie

Food and Father’s Day go hand in hand.  If Dad loves to cook or just loves a great meal there are tons of options that can make his day more delicious.

  1. Make him dinner ($-$$) Cooking a meal for someone is a classic way to show your love.  Toddlers and up can help make a meal.  Put your kids on salad duty and fire up the grill.  Let Dad relax with his favorite drink while you guys do the work.
  2. Wine/Cheese/Meat of the Month ($$-$$$$) If he is a true connoisseur a subscription might help him explore new things.  The Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket exists for a reason.  I received the William Sonoma Wine club one year and found new favorites I would have never picked in the store.
  3. Master Chef Tools ($-$$$) If his grill set or knives are looking a little weathered get him something new to make cooking more enjoyable.  Great tools can get very pricey but you can start with a set like this HULLR 14 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden Block for under $25.

I’m lucky, I can still call my Dad when I need to.  If you are missing your father this year one suggestion I received from a friend was that she likes to watch his favorite movies (John Wayne in this case) or have his favorite food or drink in his memory that day.

I hope you have a great Father’s Day! What are you getting Dad this year?  Leave it in the comments below!



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