The Ultimate Mother’s Day Guide

Didn’t get anything for mom yet?  No worries, I’ve got you covered.  I asked over 150 moms what they really want for Mother’s Day this year.  While I was expecting some extravagant answers the results were surprisingly reasonable.  Some of the ideas don’t cost any money at all but there is a range to help you ($=25) .  To help ensure you get the right gift I’ll describe a few things she might say on a daily basis.  Figure out which one describes the mom in your life and you will make her happy this Mother’s Day!

Mom #1: I am SICK of this mess!

Do you feel like mom is getting a little tired of cleaning up after everyone?  Guess what, you are right!  One of the common themes I heard this year is that they are sick of feeling like a maid.  It is overwhelming the amount of laundry and dishes that tiny people can create in one day.  You don’t want to know how quickly the house would go from clean to an episode of Hoarders without her.   If this sounds like the mom in your life she wants:

  • $$$ Housecleaning Services – This gift received 20+ responses and is one of the most popular on the list. If you have never worked with a service like this you can start by looking online (Yelp! has some good reviews) or asking around.
  • FREE – $ Clean the house yourself – Housecleaning is one of the gifts on the list that cost money if you go for a professional but you can do this for free on your own.  Get her out of the house though if you decide to clean on your own – it is only a gift if she doesn’t help or buy the supplies for you.

Mom #2: I’m so TIRED

Been awhile since she slept a solid 8 hours or woke up on her own?  I wasn’t blessed with good sleepers so I am squarely in this category.  We all know how important sleep is to our health but it is very hard to explain to an infant.  Also, while we might want to go to bed early there is usually so much that needs to get done that we usually stay up later than we want.  The whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” saying is trash because sometimes it just isn’t easy to take a nap at 10:30 am when there are things to do (or something good on the DVR to watch).  If this sounds like your favorite mom she wants one of these:

  • $$$$ A day at the SPA – The reason we love this gift is that it is permission to relax.  It’s peaceful, quiet and smells lovely.  The water has fruit or cucumbers in it and that may not sound impressive but trust me it is.  If you can swing this you will make her very happy
  • $$ – $$$$ Massage – This is probably overdue and has physical and mental health benefits.  If you look around there are probably deals galore locally around Mother’s Day.  (FREE if you have skills and give her one yourself)
  • $- $$$ Manicure / Pedicure – If a day at the spa is a little out of your budget you can get her a gift card for a nail salon which will provide some pampering and force her to relax.  It’s almost Summer and if you happen to live in the Northeast it has been pretty rough on our skin this winter.  Get her ready for sandal season and she will thank you.

Mom #3: What is that smell?

Ever get in an Uber and think “ZERO stars” because there is trash in the backseat.  Or perhaps want to throw up when you get in a cab that smells like too many vanillaroma trees?  Imagine feeling that way everyday when you cart your children back and forth to school or God forbid…hockey practice.  If the mom in your life is a road warrior she might want this:

  • $$- $$$$ Car Detailing – This should include a car wash, vacuum, wax, window wash and tire cleaning.  Some upgraded packages will include more services.  If she is always in the car this could make her very happy.
  • Free – $ Clean the car – Break out the garden hose or take a ride to the car wash for her.  Get a wash and bring some quarters for the vacuum.  After all, those goldfish crackers aren’t going to clean themselves.

Mom #4: Can I get 5 minutes of privacy, PLEASE?

Do you go to the bathroom with the door open?  Have you ever had a toy thrown at you while you tried to take a shower?  If the answer is yes you probably are a mom.  This is a photo of my daughter waiting outside of the bathroom door for me with her toy telescope.  Back in the day, I used to enjoy lounging around on the weekend in my sweatpants watching Bravo and being as unproductive as possible.  If the mom in your life is always busy she might desperately need this:

  • $$-$$$$ One night in a hotel – Don’t feel bad about this.  She doesn’t want to be alone because she doesn’t love you.  She might just be in “mom” mode a little too often.  Being alone allows you to make all the decisions like when to wake up, where to eat, what to watch, etc. on you own without having to please anyone else.  I hands down prefer my life now but wouldn’t be mad at 24 hours of living like I did when I was 26.
  • Free – $$$ Date day/night – A few requests were for a nice dinner or walk on the beach with their spouse (no kids).  Again this isn’t because she doesn’t love being a mom – she just also loves being herself.  Going and doing something special with you might take her back to when you were dating or just got married.  Secure a babysitter and think about what you did together before kids when you plan your surprise date.  The more thoughtful, the better!

Mom #5: I F#@$%! hate Fortnight

Now I’m not familiar with this game but a lot of people I surveyed mentioned they wouldn’t mind seeing it down for maintenance this Mother’s Day (or forever).  Maybe your kids are growing up and pay more attention to their devices than their dear parents.  If mom appears to lose her shit daily she might be up for one of these gifts:

  • $$-$$$$ Girl’s Weekend / Girl’s Night Out – Let mom get out of the house and spend some time with her girlfriends.  The price of this can vary but make they go somewhere super fun where no one is whining, moping or video games.
  • $-$$$ Yoga Class – Yoga is excellent for this mom because it is very quiet.  If she likes yoga there are great deals on Groupon or check local places for new client specials.  If she practices somewhere get her a package and allow her to go whenever she needs a break.

Mom #6: I just cooked what you wanted!  You want something else now?!?

Got a few picky eaters in the house?  Mom might feel a little tired of making meal after meal only to give it to the dog or dump it in the trash.  No one likes to see food go to waste but it is especially annoying when the same person who just begged you to make it decides it is unacceptable and refuses to eat.  If she loves a good meal but eats standing up half the time she might enjoy these:

  • $$-$$$ Brunch with the family – We like this one because you have your pick of breakfast and lunch without having to clean up after!  Toss in a bloody Mary or mimosa and you just made her day.
  • $-$$$ Lunch with a friend – Again, it is really nice not to have to cook or clean. I am lucky that I get to have lunch with friends about once a week when I work outside of the house.  If it has been awhile since mom has been out this is a nice treat.
  • $ Coffee – Let her go to a nice coffee shop and spend some there with a book or her laptop and just relax.  It’s nice to drink a coffee while it is still hot and not have to worry about who wants what for breakfast.

Mom #7: I miss you

If you are lucky enough to still have your mom in your life chances are she is thinking about you and misses you.  The moms that I spoke to with adult children overwhelmingly wanted to spend time with their kids.  If you didn’t realize it is Mother’s Day next week this is the list for you:

  • $$-$$$ Take her out for a meal – Make some plans with mom this year and spend some time catching up.  Put your phone away and just talk for awhile.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to mean a lot.
  • Free – $ Call her / Send card – It is nice to know your family is thinking about you.  If you can’t afford much just sending a card or calling to catch up is a great idea.  Remember, some people still use the phone to talk so no shortcuts by sending a text.

The only “things” that made the list:

There were surprisingly few things that got any attention.  Clearly there aren’t too many other people on a year long shopping hiatus. If you really want to give her something you can wrap up here are a few good choices:

  • Pictures
  • Handbag / Baby bag
  • Nice Flowers – not from a gas station
  • Crock Pot (This got one vote – but I hope she gets it because she said she would flip tables if her family doesn’t come through)
  • The MVP goes to the mom who wanted Patrice Bergeron for Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, she may have a better chance of getting licked by Marchand but I salute her.  Dream big princess
  • Ugg Ainsley Slippers (My pick this year – mine are falling apart and I can’t buy new ones for 8 months)

Are you ready for Mother’s Day now?  Did I miss anything?  Leave your comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and Happy Mother’s Day! 

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