Ready to Step Into the Greatest Version of Yourself?

You look pretty damn good on paper. You just wish your inner life reflected your outer life. Why don't you see yourself as the superstar everyone else sees?

And you really are a superstar, you just don't feel like one right now. I'm here to help you change that. 

Topics We Will Cover

Personal Fulfillment

Decision Making


Imposter Syndrome

Communication Skills


Leadership Advancement



Misty has been an incredible asset in helping me to think outside the box. When it comes to decision making, navigating tough interactions, and doing what is best for my mental health. A coaching session with Misty has always led me to a positive place where I feel confident in what’s next.

Kate F.

Misty is reliable and intelligent, and mentors people around her naturally. Whether I need help on a complex project or intelligent sound board for career advice, I can always count on Misty to think critically and make sound recommendations.

Brittany M.

Misty Lynch is so knowledgeable and tells you like it is (in a way that isn't rude or pushy). I enjoy our chats together and always leave feeling more centered and clear on next steps!

Madison H.

Misty was my mentor at work for 3 years, and now she is my mentor/friend in real life. I go to her for career, financial, love and life advice! I know her advice is credible and backed by her experience and education. She's lived it and learned it. She is an absolute delight of a human.

Mary D.

I have had the pleasure of not only working with Misty professionally, but also getting to know her on a personal level. Dating back to when we met, she has been a trusted contact for me to get an honest opinion from and bounce life decisions off. She always has your best interest at heart, and I believe truly enjoys other people’s success. I always feel comfortable asking her for advice and understand I will get sound and thoughtful guidance that I feel good about. The icing on the cake is she can make these sometimes dull or stressful conversations with people be enjoyable!

Brittany R.

Misty was a fantastic help in my development in the financial planning space. She actively listened to my thoughts and helped steer me in the direction towards success. She didn't talk down to me but instead actively listened and pointed out areas of weakness and strength to help me develop organically.

Mike K.

You might take care of yourself and look the part - but inside, you feel like you’re screaming, or banging your head against a wall. Or both.


Why Work With Me?

I'm a Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Life Coach. In other words, I'm not an influencer offering you a smoothie that will solve all your problems, but someone who has completed many hours of training to attain credentials to better serve you.

Simply put, coaches help you get there faster. Why wait for success when you can take inspired action to get where you want to be?

You need someone to talk to who “gets it” and I can tell you I am that person. I can help you overcome overwhelm, make choices around building a team or diversifying how you receive income.

What You Get

  • Video Trainings
  • Demystifying Money Workbooks
  • Hand-picked Worksheets
  • Group Coaching on Zoom (Recorded)
  • Bonus Courses & Content

Demystifying Money is your reliable SYSTEM to help you overcome any limitations in confidence around money, success, and power. You are the only thing stopping you from bringing your goals and visions to life.

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If you prefer private support with your money, we encourage you to consider fee-only planning and investment management that I offer through Sound View Financial Advisors, LLC.