Fee-only Financial Planning

6 Weeks to Figured-out Finances

You're BUSY and so good at what you do. But your major lack of time makes it significantly hard to spend time figuring out finances. At the end of a long day, any energy you've reserved to check on money stuff goes to checking Credit Karma (at best, let's face it) - and the rest is allocated to managing your house, taking the dog out, putting your kids to bed, and/or (hopefully) watching Netflix with a much-needed glass of red wine (or pint of Sam Adams... your call.)

All that aside - you're proud of your work and you love your life. The issue is that you're just not totally confident you're doing the whole "money thing" correctly.

The good news is - you're not alone. Almost every single one of my clients comes in with the same dilemma - and they walk out with the clarity they need to secure their financial future.

Simple 4 Step Process


We meet to see if we're a fit. Schedule here.


If we decide to work together, we meet privately for a formal intake session.


Based on where you're at, we co-create a plan to meet your goals.


We show you the ropes and meet with you periodically (at least 1x year) to answer questions and keep you on track.

Ready to elevate your wealth?