The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts

The best affordable last minute gifts are all right here!  If you are anything like me you are still not quite ready for the holidays even though time is running out.  Luckily for us you don’t need to have that much time thanks to technology and fast shipping.  I may be a financial planner and borderline minimalist but I’m still a Leo that loves giving a great gift.  The only difference is they have to meet some requirements first.  Gifts should be thoughtful (more on that here), useful and not compromise your financial stability.  

Some people are really hard to buy for.  Usually it is because they don’t talk about anything that they need or maybe they seem to have it all.  Other loved ones might be at an age where we don’t know what they are interested in.  I’ve done some research and believe there is something for everyone on this list.  You don’t need to spend a lot to buy someone a nice gift.  The secret is buying the right gift for the right person. 

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for your “Fit Friend”

If you have friends or family that are into fitness or health there are lots of great gifts that show you support their goals.  Warning: don’t buy these gifts for someone who is NOT interested in them.  They might get offended.  However, if you know they love the gym, eat clean and want a healthy lifestyle these are great ideas that they will love!  P.S. If anyone wants to send me a Peleton I won’t be offended I promise.

A food scale or special detergent for work out gear?  Yup, they would be welcomed by your fit fam because they help them achieve their goals.  This may help prolong the life of some of their expensive gear or succeed faster.  You want gifts that will be put to use right?  

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for the “Home Cook”


Cooking shows are super popular and you may know someone who loves them.  Just by watching others get critiqued an inexperienced chef can pick up a thing or two.  If you have someone to shop for that is happiest in the kitchen there are some amazing gifts out there that don’t cost a lot and can step up their game. 

Ok, so the instapot is on the pricier side but I’m cool with saving on other things too – like time.  If you can give me some of my day back that I can use to spend with my family or getting shit done I’m in.  This got some votes from my friends on our Facebook page. I love saving time and eating so its a win win. 

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for “Workaholics”


These people don’t waste their time.  They hustle, grind and get more done in a morning than others do in a day.  While it may not seem like they are having fun trust me – they are.  Show them how inspiring they are by appealing to their sense of purpose.  Grab a gift that will help maximize their time or keep them focused and moving forward.  

These people are always on the move so a portable charger can help keep them going.  Staying organized and motivated with journals and books will also make them happy.  If you are worried about your friends or family that work too hard you can always get them a gift like a massage or spa day to use to unwind.  They might not get that for themselves.  Also, its a better way to say take a break without telling them to.  

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for the “Minimalist” 

Confession, I am a pain in the ass when people try to give me things I don’t want.  When people shove a flyer or freebie into my hand at South Station I ask them if they want me to throw it out for them.  There are not many “tchotchkes” in my house since clutter drives me insane (read about that here and here).  If you know someone that likes function over style these gifts might appeal to them. 

Do not try to jazz up this person’s home with things you like.  Get them a gift that they will use every day.  I’ve bought about 10 of those podsters for my friends since I had my son.  It was the most functional gift I got at my baby shower.  When I love something and use it every day I’m a fan for life. 

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for “Busy People”


We all have a lot on our plates these days, don’t we?  Students, parents, co-workers…there are few of us that just have “one role” to fill anymore.  If you know someone that never has enough time find them a gift that will relieve some stress.  They may not know how to ask for help because they are used to giving their time to others.  Sneak in a little assistance with these amazing gifts. 

Instacart Gift Card 

Fancy Hands – Personal Assistants 

Amazon Echo – Alexa 

Cleaning Service – Molly Maids 

“Outsourcing” is a tricky gift.  To master it make sure you are giving someone a gift that relieves them of a task they DO NOT enjoy doing.  I love looking at finances and hate cleaning.  That’s why I’d pay to get my house cleaned and handle budgeting for clients that would rather do anything else.  Relieve the right burden for the right person.  

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for the Friend You Meet for a Drink


Whether it be coffee or wine there is a special place in my heart for friends who want to meet for a drink and catch up.  The best gift for this friend is to make plans together and skip presents.  However, if you are forced to send them something instead here are great gifts that are sure to please this special person. 

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gifts for Teens 


My kids are toddlers and my teenage years are too far in the rear view for me to buy a proper gift with out research.  While cash is king and would be sure to please just about any teenager sometimes it doesn’t feel like a great gift.  (P.S. it is but I’ll continue)  I like these ideas for the tween/teen that doesn’t belong to you.  

You can’t go wrong with the classics.  A nice pair of sunglasses or headphones will get some use.  You don’t need to buy the most expensive ones on the market either.  Who knows if they will get left on a bus or destroyed anyway! If you are still afraid to buy something they won’t want just stick to gift cards or cash. 

The Best Affordable Last Minute Gift for the Person who has Everything Already 


Ever have to shop for someone that tells you what they want and then goes and buys it for themselves?  These people are nightmares to shop for.  They give you an idea but it is their own cart moments later.  Fear not, even this recipient can benefit from the next gift idea.  Subscription boxes and services bring an assortment of new things to their door on a regular basis.  This person may love the ability to sample new things and find their next favorite full size purchase or new treat.  Here are some good ones! 


Dollar Shave Club 


Barkbox (for the person who loves pets more than humans) 

Good luck shopping!  Did I forget anyone?  Let me know your favorite gift in the comments or other ideas you have for those hard to please friends and family members.  I hope you get everything you wish for this year! 
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