Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday or Cyber Monday?  That is the question.  If you are planning to head out to the stores this week it is important to do your homework.  There are some great deals available and buying at the right time can save you a lot of money.  Here is my rundown of popular items and when you should try to scoop them up.

Kitchen Gadgets: The best deals on household items like blenders and mixers are typically found on Black Friday.  I use my KitchenAid once a week and I’ve never had any issues with it.  If you have chefs or bakers on your list this year upgrading their equipment is a great idea.

Fitness and Sports Equipment: Getting in shape is a common New Year’s resolution and there is no better time to shop for that than Black Friday. Keep an eye out for deals on wearables, home gym equipment, and sporting goods. Also, there are often deals at popular gyms and studios on Black Friday as well.  If a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals next year you may want to get the deals for yourself too.

Tablets and e-Readers: I have a long commute on the train and I would be lost without my Kindle.  Sure, turning pages and finishing a book feels better on paper but I opt for convenience (and weight) in this case.  If I finish a book halfway through the ride I can just download the next one.  Prices on these items tend to get slashed on Black Friday – but quantities might be limited.

TV’s, Computers and Laptops: So I’ve worked at my company for over 11 years now and I had a bad habit of using my work computer for everything. Last week I took advantage of the early Black Friday price on this HP laptop and I absolutely love it.  The deals came out early in some stores which gives you time to read reviews and choose wisely. These are great gifts for students if you have any on your list.  If you need a TV check out the “doorbuster deals” and you might save hundreds.  Just be careful out there!


Cyber Monday Deals

Travel: If the people on your list prefer adventures over things wait for Cyber Monday to find the best deals on travel. Hotel prices are slashed in cities all over the world.  All inclusive trips are on sale too if you want a package deal.  If you don’t see the exact trip you want there are also deals the day after.  Travel Tuesday is apparently making its way into the shopping week lineup.

Clothing: I MISS SHOPPING SO BAD IT HURTS but I can’t break my resolution now.  Not after this long!!  If you want to buy clothes for your friends and family Cyber Monday deals are worth waiting for.

*Wait until January for best prices on winter gear – it will be the cheapest when retailers are clearing the shelves for Spring. 

Beauty: Got a makeup junkie in your life? Cyber Monday is the best time to buy all of the eye shadow pallets and styling tools their heart desires.  Along with the deep discounts there are usually some great bonus buys and free gifts that come with your order too.

Don’t buy these on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Holiday Decorations: These should be bought a year in advance right after the Holiday you are looking to decorate for.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas items are usually 50%-75% off right after the big day.

Furniture: Don’t bother looking for deals right now on furniture.  Wait for January to get a better deal.  Christmas in July is the best time of year especially in the Northeast.  No one wants to drag couches through snow and ice.

Toys: Prices on toys drop after the second week in December.  If you are determined to get the hottest toy of the year you may be out of luck when it comes to supply.  If you don’t have a specific item in mind it is best to wait.  Also, with Toys R Us out of business watch for stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon to step in to fill that void.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!  If you are planning your shopping trip remember to make your list in advance and have an idea what you want to buy.  This will help keep you from overspending.  



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